You mean aside from the kitchen pantry and the bathroom cabinet? Seriously, this is a guide of what to bring with you to Africa! We remove all of it… Okay, enough jokes.

Africa is a stunning and sizable continent. So let’s take a closer look at a more lovely section of it. East Africa is a continent abundant in history, wildlife, landscapes, cultures, religions, flora, fauna, and dust. We’ll go through what to bring to Africa, especially the hotter east, in this piece.

Every year, East Africa draws millions of visitors from across the world, and an adventure safari in Uganda can be the trip of a lifetime. Knowing what equipment you need to have ready before taking off is so crucial. Whatever your motivation for traveling, keep in mind to pack efficiently and lightly.

You might be tempted to pack your entire house based on preconceptions and other fairy tales, I assure you.

Be very picky about the stuff you bring with you when packing for your trip to Africa. Africa has a very different climate, social structure, and political environment from what you are accustomed to. At times, the experience can be difficult. Trust me, we pack a lot of lighter clothing for our yearly vacation to Africa, but our suitcases still seem to be filled to the rafters.

Thus, compared to, say, Europe or North America, your packing list for a vacation to Africa will be very different. And now, without further ado..

Sun glasses

Africa, especially East Africa, is generally warm, tropical, and sunny. Therefore, you’ll need eye protection from UV rays and dust if you don’t want to constantly squint. No way! Smartness immediately comes to mind. So make sure you wear a pair of trendy, fitting sunglasses. I adore this pair that my sister gave me! Get yours right here.

a hand sanitizer

We cannot overstate how crucial this is. Most of Africa is arid and hot, which is an ideal environment for the growth of germs. So, you can always clean your hands or surfaces with hand sanitizer before you eat, drink, or even touch your eyes or lips.

If you live in a city, you will likely visit stores, markets, etc. Your money will be one of the many things you touch. Keep the hand sanitizer with you at all times. With this offer, you may purchase two bottles for the price of one.

Rucksack or a Travel Backpack

We presume that you will be doing a lot of walking and some site-seeing. We used to have a lot to carry while we were still new parents with little children, including diapers, a change of clothes, a comforter, snacks, water, sunscreen, hats, etc. Alternatively put, a Mary Poppins kit!

Therefore, you require a reliable travel backpack or rucksack. gives you more time to take those Instagram-worthy pictures! East Africa can be very hot and dusty for the most part. You therefore need a sturdy backpack that can transport your trinkets in a safe and secure manner. One that you can truly fasten to your front will protect your belongings from tourist con artists!

Ziplock bags

This was a part of our comprehensive packing list for travel. Click the link below to download your copy right away.

Take these lovely things with you while you’re carrying electronics, wet clothing, delicates, or food. Till you have time to deal with them, keep your baby’s soiled diapers or underpants in there. Store the little toys, kid-friendly snacks, and soothers there as well. To organize your stuff, use zip-loc bags. You definitely travel wisely! You’ll also keep bugs like ants and bacteria out of your food!

Flop Shoes

Your feet could become sweaty and odorous because Africa is a warm region. Not to mention acquiring some fungus if you wear closed shoes all day. So take your flip flops if you’re going on a long journey to Africa. Why not actually purchase a pair from any neighborhood market?

Flip flops are cozy and convenient for walking about in. They also serve as your bathroom slippers, helping you prevent getting a few verrucae. Flip flops can be fashionable in addition to being simple to carry. Wear flip flops if you want to travel like a local.

Filter for personal water

Always purchase bottled water in Africa, and make sure to inspect the seal and expiration date first! This is especially true if you buy it from a street vendor.

Bottle with a Life Defender active water filter for your trip to Africa.

It is usually advisable to bring a personal water filtration bottle with you if you are traveling to a remote or rural place. LifeDefender Active is what we received! It may mean the difference between you and illnesses like typhoid, cholera, or diarrhea.

An accessible water source can be used to fill your water bottle. (Not really recommended, but sometimes a necessary must!) Over 90% of bacteria, pathogens, and other contaminants like dirt will be filtered out of the water by the water purifying system, leaving you with clean water immediately. Get yours right here!

Device for Female Urine

You heard correctly, for reals! This might not be a concern for males, but wow, wow, wow, for ladies!

There are far fewer public restrooms in Africa. Even if you do find one, it will probably be filthy and unpleasant. Maintenance is neglected because it is expensive! However, it’s a hygiene issue for ladies! Girls must sit properly! Not always…! You can stand up if you have the GoGirl.

When visiting Africa, it is one of the most important things for ladies to pack! Women can stand in secret locations and urinate without feeling self-conscious thanks to the female urination equipment. When hiking or deep inside of a village, it is a lifesaver. You don’t want to get bitten by a snake or have black ants crawl up your Jacks. However, in urban areas, visit a cafe or restaurant to use the restroom. Get one of these before your upcoming safari or trip into the wild!

Paper Towels

It should go without saying that you MUST have your own toilet paper if the restrooms are not the cleanest. Why? Because after number 2, you can find yourself without any.

When traveling in Africa, toilet paper is a necessity to pack. Additionally, most people in rural Africa don’t use toilet paper. To clean their feces, they utilize any kind of paper, a wide leaf, and/or water. Lol

Don’t get us wrong, hotels do have toilet paper in cities, but that’s a different issue. However, some low-cost lodgings in small towns and villages may not offer the amenities! So, get it on your own from any supermarket. Pack a few rolls in your backpack if you’re going on a safari. To flatten, just remove the central roll portion!

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Final Thoughts on What to Bring to Africa!

Although there are undoubtedly many more items you may bring, these are the necessary necessities. The remaining items can always be purchased there.

Take what you need that you might not be able to easily find in Africa and travel there with an open mind. It is brimming with affection, and everyone is friendly. You will bring back many loving memories from this supposedly dismal continent!

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