When traveling in Africa, here are some things to do and avoid doing.

Before traveling to any of the countries on the continent, it is essential for vacationers to do a great deal of research on the location they plan to visit. Learn as much as you can about the local way of life, including the traditions, the language, the games, the forms of transportation, the money, and any other information that can assist you in having a smooth and enjoyable holiday.

Maintain a small amount of cash on hand.

Keep some cash on you at all times, preferably in a spot that is inconspicuous so that you do not become a victim of theft, and use it either to pay for unanticipated expenses or the cost of your visa when you arrive. Before you travel, you should make sure that the money you have is the same as the currency used at your destination.

to dress oneself in an appropriate manner

When preparing your suitcase for your trip, you should take into consideration the policies of the locations you intend to go to, as certain establishments frown upon guests wearing certain types of clothing.

It is recommended to employ a tour operator.

People who are traveling to Africa for the very first time, particularly if they are apprehensive or find it difficult to communicate owing to the language barrier, make good candidates for the employment of tour guides. According to a comment attributed to Knibbs, he is one who “highly encourages tour guides.” According to what she said, it is not necessary for tourists to have one if they are able to navigate from point A to point B without too much difficulty.


You may count on locals speaking either English or your language if that is more comfortable for you.

Language limitations can be a major hindrance for travelers when they are in unfamiliar environments. Knibbs suggested that tourists pick up a few phrases before going on their trip, such as “hello,” “how are you,” and “thank you,” in order to make it easier for them to communicate with the locals they meet. Installing an app that can interpret conversations can be of great assistance to you when handling difficult scenarios.

If you violate the speed limit, you risk getting a ticket or perhaps serving time in jail.

Knibbs gave a warning to anyone who are going to be driving alone and highlighted how important it is to always adhere to the speed limit no matter what the circumstances are.

“Do not go over the speed limit that is posted because you will receive a monetary fine right away and possibly even time in jail for more serious offenses. The posted speed limit is there for a reason. Instead, you should make it a point to stick to the speed limitations that have been stated.

Parade valuables

Africa is not any different from any other region in the world when it comes to the presence of criminal activity. Knibbs recommends that vacationers keep valuables such as money and passports hidden while they are carrying them with them at all times. It is in your best interest not to broadcast the fact that you possess valuables because doing so may encourage thieves to target easy targets.

Forget to tip

Tourism plays a significant role in the economies of many countries and provides a significant number of jobs in those countries. It is important to remember to leave gratuities not only when you are dining out or staying at a hotel, but also when you are traveling. In some countries, tips are already factored into the overall cost of the service, whereas in others, a 10% gratuity is expected as the standard. The amount of gratuity that is left is entirely up to the discretion of the traveler.

Cause a scene

When talking with locals, it is important to have a friendly demeanor. Knibbs proposes that travelers first introduce themselves to the people, ask the inhabitants how they are doing, and learn more about the locals before making any requests or questions of the natives.

“Remember to be polite while you are engaging with the locals,” the guidebook advises.

I must emphasize, do not be impolite or cause a disturbance; instead, show tolerance and respect for others “She issued a reprimand.

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